Hi, I'm Chris!
I’d like to consider myself a friendly and extroverted person, who can chat with anyone about anything. My energy is always high, and I’m a huge problem-solver. I can also be goofy at times, but am always serious when I need to be. I’ve been known to drop the occasional Dad-joke. 
My friend (who is very into astrology) says that my Capricorn-side makes me super ambitious, persistent, sensitive, hard-working and determined, but these sound like all my traits, so it must be true! I enjoy movie-marathons, rom-coms and Adam Sandler movies.
When I photograph, I try my best story-tell, or connect with people and really become their friend. I have a genuine passion for people and photography, and years of experience shooting a variety of things. I like challenges. I try my best to paint a story whenever I shoot, and create scenes like a movie. I’ve been in this industry for a while and I have always tried to make my work stand-out and look unique. Some photographers can be sort of cliche in their work, but I try my best to make things unique and cinematic. Whether that's with my composition, lighting choices, cropping, or experimental techniques. I became a photographer because I have always felt that photos are the best souvenirs of any moment I want to remember. Happy shooting!
Wedding & Elopement Photographer
~Based in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Worldwide~
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